A collection of lamamama's awesome Avatar the Last Airbender - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine crossover

Featuring the adult gaang:

Toph - Terran; Security officer

Sokka - Bajoran; Science officer

Aang - Joined Trill (with unusual markings); Captain

Katara - Bajoran; Chief medical officer

Zuko - Klingon: Must. Regain. HONOR!

Iroh - Klingon; Really likes prune juice (or bloodwine, I can’t tell)

Bonus TOS Sokka - From the Trials and Tribble-ations episode (no one can convince me otherwise)


I attempted to take self portraits. It didn’t go so well but at least I got three that aren’t terribly out of focus? 

Appa pajamas are 100% complete. Made and worn by me. They took a little over a week to create and they are very fuzzy and snugly.

If you like them you should check out my rebloggable progress and keep an eye out for the write up on my real blog!