Couldn’t sleep so I decided to finish up the last few episodes of Korra Season 3. Was really not prepared for it. It’s really, really good. Definitely a big step up from Season 2. After which I wasn’t even sure I wanted to continue watching this show. I’m glad I did. The ending is dark & hopeful, and beautifully animated. It actually made me cry.


A collection of lamamama's awesome Avatar the Last Airbender - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine crossover

Featuring the adult gaang:

Toph - Terran; Security officer

Sokka - Bajoran; Science officer

Aang - Joined Trill (with unusual markings); Captain

Katara - Bajoran; Chief medical officer

Zuko - Klingon: Must. Regain. HONOR!

Iroh - Klingon; Really likes prune juice (or bloodwine, I can’t tell)

Bonus TOS Sokka - From the Trials and Tribble-ations episode (no one can convince me otherwise)